How do I participate in a Student Riders Nations Cup (SRNC)?
To represent Team Canada at a Student Riders Nations Cup (SRNC), you must first be a paid member of CURCA in good standing. To be eligible for your first competition, you must be a current university student (undergraduate or graduate), a Canadian citizen and under the age of 28. Once you have successfully competed, you may continue to participate as a Canadian student rider after graduation up until the age of 28.

What are the costs?
The Association Internationale des Etudients Cavaliers (AIEC) caps the amount competitions can charge riders for their participation. The maximum fees are €113 for competitions running over 2 days, €128 for 3 days, and €143 for 4 days plus an AIEC team fee of €60 which is divided by the competing team members. These fees cover all competition fees, accommodation, meals, travel to/from competition grounds to accommodation (if required) and a gala dinner. Riders are responsible for beverages, travel costs and any souvenirs/extra days of travel. CURCA also splits the Chef d’Equipe’s competition fees amongst all Canadian attendees.

Do I have to bring my own horse?
No, horses are donated by the host country and are distributed via luck-of-the-draw.

Are these competitions different from OUEA or ISHA shows?
The organisation is a large step up from provincial/varsity competitions - SRNCs are hosted all over the world (although largely concentrated in Europe) and usually run over three or four days. All riders, sent in teams of three, compete in both dressage and show jumping starting at elementary levels (Basic 1/2 tests for dressage and 1.0m show jumping) and work their way to finish at Prix St. George dressage and 1.30m/1.40m jumper courses. There are no entry-level or beginner classes at SRNC events; we require that our riders be seasoned athletes in full time riding programs and capable of competing up to these high levels.

What are the rules?
For the complete document on rules and regulations, as well as dressage tests and show jumping protocols, please click on the following link

Do I have to be a competitor to attend a SRNC?
No, you do not have to be a competitor to attend a SRNC, as long as you are an active member of CURCA you can attend as a supporter. Supporter fees are less than competitor fees, and include the same benefits as competitors less the competition fees, as well as no AIEC fee.